There are not enough kind words in the dictionary to fully describe Rabbi Michael Raab. I first came to know him several years ago when I contacted him inquiring about converting to Judaism. From that point forward he,along with Rabbi Silverman and Rabbi Spiegel were there for me every step of the way, guiding me and teaching me along my path to becoming Jewish. All of the Rabbis were extremely accommodating and flexible, and the Rabbis even offered to do most of our lessons via Skype to work with my school schedule. Rabbi Michael Raab quickly became more than a Rabbi, and I am now so pleased to call him a friend. The Rabbis conducted the most beautiful conversion ceremony at the Naples beach and incorporated my family in the process. Once my husband and I became engaged, Rabbi Michael was our first phone call of course we had to have him officiate our wedding.Hannah L.

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Rabbi Michael is an amazing person and spiritual leader. He officiated our destination wedding in Naples, FL in November 2017. He helped us with the planning process of the wedding and became our spiritual counselor as well. Rabbi  Michael Raab,Rabbi Robert Silverman and Rabbi Stephen Spiegel instructed me with my conversion classes, making me feel comfortable and at peace. All of the Rabbbi are soothing, extremely knowledgeable and professional. My Jewish Conversion ceremony was a beautiful one conducted in Hollywood, Florida.Katherine G.